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Our Mission

As an association of enthusiastic students, we believe that solar technology and sustainable mobility concepts are crucial for the future. We want to work together, driven by the fascination of advances in solar e-mobility, to make our contribution. With the support of RWTH Aachen University, we are developing and constructing a solar powered car entirely powered by solar energy to participate in an emission-free race across Australia, a 3022kms race from Darwin to Adelaide, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Through teamwork, research and business collaborations with various renowned research institutions of the RWTH Aachen, we are passionately aspiring towards our goal. We are always looking for supporters, members and sponsors, willing to share our enthusiasm and to support our exciting project.

Our Sonnenwagen

Our solar car, which is called “Covestro Sonnenwagen” is the key of our project. Our goal is to drive innovation in the areas of lightweight construction, solar energy and the driving strategy to show the world that e-mobility is the future.

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