The Team

The Team

With a new week, comes a new blog, as per usual! And today’s blog topic will also be less technical for a change, because it’s dedicated to those who are the heart and soul of our project. Our team of full time enthusiasts, creators, heroes and motivational artists. An ode to our team!

The maker, the paver, the team.

Without our team, there would be no project. In addition to study, secondary jobs and private lifes, we all work with full motivation on our Huawei Sonnenwagen. All of this, of course, voluntarily. We have established ourselves independently from the RWTH and FH Aachen and can not get our achievements credited for our studies. Nevertheless, we are fully motivated to lead the project to success.

Structural organization

Our team is hierarchically structured, but our structures are very flat and no one feels subordinate to another. Every contribution is important and our gears are well lubricated. In doing so, we separate the business unit from our technical teams.

In the business unit, we are acquiring sponsors and stay in touch with them. We also keep you informed about our social media contributions, events and blogs through our marketing team. And don’t forget the travel planning and the organization of daily new challenges.

The technical department is divided into mechanics, electrical engineering, aerodynamics and driving strategy. The mechanics cover the areas of suspension and support structure. Electrical engineering combines the electric motor, battery, cable management and the cockpit. The simulation, construction and manufacture of our aerodynamic shell is managed by our aerodynamics team. And in order to have an optimally designed energy management, our driving strategy crew simulates everything in advance and applies it during the race.

All teams must work together and create interfaces. Internal communication is extremely important here.


How we are organized

Now you already know which departments there are. But how do we work together? In order to keep us informed about the departments, we meet once a week with the entire team at the Audimax of RWTH Aachen. At these meetings, each department tells what happened in the previous week, what went well, what went less well and if we’re on schedule. Everyone in the team has the opportunity to give feedback. In addition, each department keeps internal meetings to plan the next steps. Our office serves as an oasis of productivity. Here we meet to work on our Huawei Sonnenwagen and to conduct electrifying discussions while having coffee. 😉

And lastly there is the production! Then, of course, the whole team steps in to help out e.g. The sponsoring team will be seen working with sandpaper in hand next to the engine developer. 🙂

Thanks to all of you!!!



euer Sonnenwagen Team