An idea becomes reality

An idea becomes reality

If you followed our project, you were probably already wondering why we actually do this whole project and how this admittedly crazy idea came up. We want to tell you more now.

How it all started…

On a rainy evening in Aachen… Wait, rewind! Unfortunately it was not like a fairytale even though “rainy” and “Aachen” do have a certain truth. The idea of “Team Sonnenwagen” was born in the summer of 2015. You all know it. Examination period. A lot to do. Study until you drop. A little bit of procrastination in terms of brainstorming never heard anyone ?. Where it happened? Our headquarter flat. Location is top secret. At this point of time we all heard about the World Solar Challenge and followed you other teams participated successfully.

It would be ridiculous…

A passionate discussion sparked a little flame which rapidly ignited a fire in all of us. It didn’t take long until someone finally said what we all thought for a while: “We can do that, too!”. From this moment on it was clear that there was no way back. All or nothing. We invited more friends, spent long nights thinking about ideas, started the project and put our hearts and soul into it.

Full throttle!

Our project gained pace and continues to go into the next round with a lot of speed. Be curious about the upcoming exciting months! In our next blog we tell you more about our motivation and our beliefs in terms of sustainability.

Greetings from Aachen!
Your Team Sonnenwagen