Fiber composite workshop with the FVA

Fiber composite workshop with the FVA

News from the world of workshops incoming! In February, some of our team members attended an exciting workshop on the production of fiber composite components. The workshop was organized by Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen 1920 e.V. (FVA). Wanna know all the juicy details? Then stay tuned and keep on reading. ?

The FVA – gliding in Aachen

But first of all, we want to tell you more about who the FVA is and what it is all about! The FVA was founded by a group of students, who, like us, have set themselves the goal of pushing forward future oriented and sustainable technologies. One Example is the electronic engine for gliders they have developed. The student initiative has specialized themselves, as the name suggests, in aviation. So why are two such different groups working together? Quite simple: exchange of knowledge! Because no matter whether if it is an airplane or a car, the composite fiber technology is the same. And so the foundation of a fruitful cooperation between two young, enthusiastic teams was laid. ?


Fiber composite workshop

But now on to our workshop. It consisted of a theory and a practice part. In the theory block, which took place in the morning, we learned everything important about composite fiber materials from the all knowing Heiko “Asparagus” Wolff. We got to know more about the basic structure and the processing, the latter especially with important tips from a practical point of view. Before the actual work began our team members were able to absorb the knowledge they had gained while having a short pizza break. Then the practical part began, which is what all the participants probably have anticipated the most. ?

To be able to communicate different areas and laminating techniques in practice at the same time teams were formed. At one station we have built a mold, on which we created a negative of a dustpan for exercise purposes. The other stations were all about lamination. The guys from the FVA had prepared some forms for this. First of all, these were prepared with a separating agent liquid in order to be able to remove the finished composite fiber component from the mold. With the dimensions of the form and a plan for the direction of the fibers in the head, the fibers were then cut and carefully laid together. Then we finally started to laminate! The diluted resin in one hand and the resin roller in the other hand we were now busy practicing. It was only when it has become dark outside, that a very exhausting but also very interesting day came to an end.

Bottom line and outlook

Once the mold for our solar car has been completed, we will be able to apply the learned knowledge for the laminating work on our aerodynamic outer shell. And here, too, the FVA will support us by providing their workshops! So again a huge THANK YOU to the team of the FVA! You guys rock and we are looking forward to further cooperations! ?


Stay in the sun and keep going,

your Sonnenwagen Team