24 hours on the race track
20 teams from all over the world
1 Team Challenge Goal

Das Rennen – die European Solar Challenge

The 24-hour endurance race is the central element of the European Solar Challenge, which also accounts for the majority of the total points for the placement. The remaining points are earned by individual challenges before and during the race, for example the fastest lap, the most consistent lap time and the vehicle presentation.
The race is based on the 24h race of Le Mans. The official start of the race is on the 22.09.2020. From this mass start on, it is important for us and the other 19 teams to get the best out of the vehicles and drive as efficiently as possible.

During the day it is of course possible to generate the energy needed for the drive through the solar cells. But the bigger challenge starts after sunset. From then on we have to rely completely on our 5 kWh battery. If the capacity of the battery can not take us through the night, there is the possibility to recharge it in the pitlane. When we drive to the finish after the long night at 1pm, the Sonnenwagen will have covered about 1000 kilometers.
But apart from energy efficiency, keeping the optimal lane and the perfect driving strategy, there is one thing that is most important: teamwork!

Renowned Universities

We compete in the race against renowned universities from all over the world.

Driven by the sun

During the race it is allowed to charge the battery twice to drive through the night. This requires detailed planning and design of the vehicles. An intelligent driving strategy determines the optimal speed during the race.

24h endurance race

It is the only 24-hour race for solar cars in the world. It takes place every two years.

Two Vehicles

This year we will not only drive with the Covestro sun carriage, but also with the first sun carriage. This makes the race even more exciting for us.