New year, new challenges

New year, new challenges

Our success at the European Solar Challenge drove us into the final spurt of 2018. Looking back, we are proud of the milestones we reached and continue to master on the way to the World Solar Challenge. As with any ambitious team, we also say: “After the race is before THE race”.

At the end of 2019, we want to once again be at the forefront of our zealous competition and secure a much-desired place on the podium.

Our digital twin evolves

After our aerodynamics team worked hard and well to model an optimized, aerodynamic body, the outer shell of the second generation Sonnenwagen was brought to life. Our experts in our vehicle structure, chassis and electronics teams were actively involved in the design and finalization of our digital twin so that our next Sonnenwagen rolls out of our workshop armed and ready to face the Australian heat.

Until then, the prodution of the vehicle will be a great technical and time-consuming challenge. Nonetheless, every team member will give their absolute best so that both the car and the team run like clockwork in the end.

Something great is coming!

Our marketing team as well as the entire team are looking forward to the coming weeks before the start of the World Solar Challenge in Darwin. We have some exciting events planned, such as participating at the GreenTech Festival and accompanying Formula E in Berlin. More information on these events will be posted shortly on our social media platforms.

We can hardly wait to share our ideas and innovations for our 2nd Gen. Sonnenwagen with our enthusiastic supporters; however, we must all muster up some patience and wait until summer. Just like two years ago, something tremendous is planned.

Always up to date!

Until our new Sonnenwagen is revealed in the late summer, we will continue to provide the most up-to-date information concerning our development and manufacturing of our race car. Perhaps one might grasp a hint or two from our final Sonnenwagen 2.0. Furthermore, you will hear more from Team Sonnenwagen Aachen in the near future, as we will begin our own podcast “Fuelless Future” which will give insight into the life of our team as well as discuss controversial topics in sustainable mobility.

In summary, everyone is excited for further developments of both the Sonnenwagen and the team. We still have a few months to go before the World Solar Challenge, but the race is right around the corner!