We make the mobility of the future sustainable.

About our project.

We believe that sustainable mobility concepts and solar energy are essential for our future. As an association of enthusiastic students we want to contribute to a sustainable future… That is why we develop a solar car to compete at the zero emission race through Australia – the Bridegstone World Solar Challenge.

It is the fascination for new technologies and the challenge of the worldwide hardest solar race that are driving us. During the development of ourSonnenwagen we cooperate with renowned institutes and companies. However, we are still looking for additional supporters, with whom we share our enthusiasm.

Our values and goals.

Besides to our goal to compete at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October 2017 we want to further develop e-mobility to co-create the future of mobility – in our view, this future is sustainable. We want to convince others of our vision for a better future and act as a beacon.

Therefore, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and the development of a solar car are the perfect stage. Together with research institutes of RWTH and FH Aachen we are building up know how to apply this for further development. Our team is characterized by the following capabilities:

Promote sustainable mobility

Encourage the youth of the future

Point the way

Every donation counts.

To realize our project, we invest a lot of time and effort into our project – next to our studies and student jobs. We believe in our project. We believe in this unique opportunity to transform our knowledge to create something great.

We want you to believe in us! There are many sponsors and partners that support us – but still, our ideas need your support. We have so much more to implement – please help us that our ideas become reality. Every donation counts.

Appetizer of a solar cell

Get a feel of the Sonnenwagen-world. An Eigth is exactly the right thing… It tastes so good, you want to get even more!

A solar cells “Grandmas cake slice”

Everyone knows, you only wanted to get a small piece, but suddenly you have a whole quarter of the cake on the plate. Grit your teeth and eat it! It’s for a good cause, after all!

Half solar cell

Now you’ve got enough energy – your batteries are well charged. You’re sure to make half of the race from Darwin to Adelaide.

Godfather of a whole solar cell

Sometimes you have to go the whole hog. Years later, the epic story is told… This impressed the godchild a lot.

Thank you!