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Support Sonnenwagen Aachen and create together with us the future of electric mobility! Besides the goal of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge end of 2019 we want to think the electro mobility further and help to shape a better future. We want to convince others of our vision of a better future.

For that mission, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and the development of a solar car offers the perfect platform. Together with institutes of the RWTH Aachen University and the FH Aachen we therefore build on expertise and want to use that knowledge in the future for further developments. Our team is characterized mainly by the following capabilities.

What distinguishes us?

We have expertise in various fields to ensure that we achieve our goals.

We have the knowledge

Through our studies at the RWTH Aachen University in various engineering fields, we can ensure a wide range of expertise we expand regularly with our industrial partners. Moreover, working with the solar car is the best way to apply our knowledge and sharpen our skills. Together with you, we can shape the future of solar cars.

We are creative

Our work is not limited by deadlocked structures. We branch in the directions in which we desire to go. No idea is dismissed by us for being “stupid”. Everyone can express themselves freely and it thus creates new and interesting ways. We are working on the project for the joy of learning and with the ambition to develop a solar car that will prevail against the other teams.

We use clean energy

Clean energy is an important issue for our environment. The sun is a tremendous source of clean energy. It is essential to incorporate it more into our everyday lives. Is the theme “Clean Energy” as exciting to you as for us?

What did our partners say?

To get a picture of what we are doing here are some mentions of our partners.

How you can support us?

To support Sonnenwagen Aachen there are various options available. For more information please contact our sponsoring department.

Financial Sponsor

As a financial sponsor you will contribute significantly to our project in which you assure us financial support. We are happy to discuss with you the various possibilities of support.

Component Sponsor

As components sponsor of our team it is possible for you to showcase your outstanding products to the public and thus generate a large area of interest. Very innovative products lend themselves great for you to test and show it in our car.

Competence Sponsor

As an expert partner of Sonnenwagen Aachen you support us on the advisory level. We will sit down together periodically and discuss our approaches to generate an optimal solution. This iterative processes are indispensable for an excellent result and distinguishes our quality.

Our Services

Further we would like to list our services that would be available to you at a potential partnership, depending on the extent of the sponsoring. For more information, please contact our sponsoring department.


We will mention you in our media.


We will integrate you in our internal distributor for job offers.


Together we will organize events at our university.

Logo integration

We integrate your logo on our solar car, the internet and other print and web media.

Announcements and Press Releases

We give you an exclusive right for early dissemination.

Provision of the solar car

We are providing the solar car for different events.


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    Did we spark your interest?

    Contact us today and convince yourself of the range and the possibilities, which we can offer with our project. You can call us, write us an email or can use the form below. We would be very happy to discuss the prospects of collaboration with you.