Sonnenwagen shines again

Sonnenwagen shines again

After we spent a lot of time in the workshop the last weeks to free the Covestro Sonnenwagen from the old paint and the underlying damage, it was time to help our solar car shine again.

With the surface smoothed and sanded, the next step for us was to go to Hilden, near Düsseldorf. There PPG Germany has its headquarters and usually trains painters for the automotive industry.

Arrived and unloaded, the first step was to tape off everything that should not be painted. This included the solar cells, the windshield and the lights.

Although we had already done quite a bit for the surface quality of the Covestro Sonnenwagen in our workshop, it still had some unevenness and holes that needed to be removed.

To bring out these surface irregularities and small holes, there was a first layer of primer sprayed on the car. These had to be repaired with putty, then filled again and repeated until the surface was of the desired quality. Finally, the surface was given a closing layer of primer, as this is the enabling the bonding of the carbon fibers with the white paint.

In the final step, the expert applied the glossy white paint in several layers on top of the primer.

In this context we would like to thank PPG Germany for their support and commitment. Without their effort the Sonnenwagen would not shine as before.

The paint now has to dry for about two weeks before the Covestro Sonnenwagen receives a new livery.