Sponsoring from Farnell element14

Sponsoring from Farnell element14

Fasten your seat belts – we have some exciting news for you! As always we are eager to search new supporters who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about our project as we are. So – drum rolls and fanfare – let’s welcome the electronics dealer Farnell element14!

Step by step towards our goal…

To our great delight we recently received a generous delivery from Farnell Element14. Since then our brand new office has taken shape and gradually transformed into a small electronics workshop in which the first components are developed. Are you curious about what the delivery has held for us? Alright, we won’t torture you any longer!

In addition to a variety of tools such as a soldering station, several measuring instruments and crimping pliers we were also equipped with various electronic components. We are more than happy about it! Not only will these help us to manufacture the circuit boards but also to build the control of the motor. Also the lighting and communication technology of our solar car will be developed through these small components. This is especially important as it is the only way to ensure a smooth communication with our accompanying vehicles.

And it remains exiting

The project phases are becoming more and more intense and we are grateful for the great cooperation and support of Farnell element14! Please take a look at the commuity page that they had built for us!