The first steps on Australian soil.

The first steps on Australian soil.

Hello dear fans, friends and family,

the adventure begins. Today the last team members landed in Darwin. We are now 38 enthusiastic solar motor sportsmen, who are allowed to live their dream, the dream of participating in the World Solar Challenge with our own solar vehicle. For the last two years, we have spent our free time trying to get to this point. Now we’re in Australia and we’re still working around the clock for our project – wonderful.

The work is divided into three large teams: the technical team, the marketing team and the support team. The most important work is of course done by the marketing team – just kidding. Of course, it is important that we document our stay for you here and present the possibilities for sustainable mobility. But like in any other team, no one can do without the other.

But the support team is very important. Without their work, we would probably all die of thirst in the desert and be distorted in our preparations. The support team ensures that there is enough food on the table every day and that this doesn’t change when we leave civilization. In addition, all logistical tasks are taken over by the support team. This means that all team members are easily driven back and forth between the library, hostel, test track and workshop. The number of cars will be increased before the race. However, the transport of various tools and camping equipment must be guaranteed. Not an easy task.

The technical team may nevertheless have the most important role. The boys and girls are responsible for ensuring that the HUAWEI Sonnenwagen arrives in Adelaide within the time limit. This requires extensive testing. So far we have driven on both the Cox Peninsula and the Hidden Valley Race Track. The Cox Peninsula is a road near Darwin, where we were able to test very close to the actual racing conditions. In particular, the procedures for emergency stops and driver changes could be practiced. Besides us, the solar teams from Twente, Leuven and Minnesota were also present on the Cox Peninsula.

We met even more teams in the Hidden Valley the following day. This small circuit in Darwin is currently the heart of the worldwide solar racing community. In the pit lane we could admire the masterpieces of the other teams. It’s incredibly cool to see how many interpretations of the rules exist and to meet so many people who share the enthusiasm for solar vehicles. The atmosphere between the teams is very relaxed. We will discuss together how to solve different problems and what possible challenges during the race are. This is especially important for us, as we can benefit from the experience of the teams that have been taking part for a long time.

As newcomers, we are generally observed by established teams in particular. As we are a German team, our expectations are just as high as the reputation that German engineering has worldwide. We will do our best to live up to this tradition. So far, we have succeeded. The other teams were impressed by the maturity of our first vehicle. Unfortunately, the first impression is not everything in racing. What really counts is the performance on the 3022 km between Darwin and Adelaide. We hope that we can deliver during the race as well. Whatever the outcome, you’ll definitely find out here.

See you around.