Ode to Christmas

Ode to Christmas

Thanks to everyone
who’s is supporting us!

When you see cookies everywhere
and smell German Glühwein in the air
It’s almost time, it’s end of the year
And one thing is now totally clear.

Christmas is close and holidays are too,
Just a few more things for Sonnenwagen to do.
A Christmas party for our team is one,
so be on time before all cookies are gone

To set the mood, we ‘ll play a song
Glühwein’s involved so we all sing along
one thing is missing: we wish we had snow
But since we’re from Aachen for rain we go.

We still have a great time, and some last words to say
not too sentimental, ‘cause it’s early in the day
Thank you so much for your constant support
We will do our best with the utmost effort.

Team Sonnenwagen