World Solar Challenge 2019: We arrived!

World Solar Challenge 2019: We arrived!

At about 10:30 on Friday the 18th of October the time had come: The Covestro Sonnenwagen has reached the finish line! The car and the whole team was braved all the adversities of the last week and never gave up. Despite storm winds, a sandstorm, a terrible accident and its consequences, we proved to ourselves what team spirit really means.

Emotions were overflowing in Adelaide, everything was unleashing and overwhelming. 2 years of hard work, sweat and tears resulted in a fantastic 6th place in the World Solar Challenge 2019.

And you can’t underline the word “Challenge” often enough. Because in the end it is not a race against the competition, but a challenge for the team spirit, the own racing strategy and the technique. Australia has shown us all its different facets, its beautiful moments and its frightening powers.

In the end, however, there remains a feeling of security in a grandiose community that is bursting with ideas, motivation and innovation. This “solar family” makes you feel proud: proud of your own achievements and proud of the community with which you can share all your stories and emotions.

This pride was not only supported by the great placement, but also by the two awards that we were able to take with us to Aachen thanks to the jury of the World Solar Challenge.
Thanks to our quick and thoughtful reactions shortly after the accident and our basic attitude to see safety as priority one at all times, we were awarded the “Safety Award”.

But the enthusiasm knew no bounds when we were told that we would also receive the “Spirit of the Event Award” in addition to the “Safety Award” because we proved what a team is capable of when it is supported by common unbridled will and motivation. We are very honored by this recognition.

So this World Solar Challenge and this year’s season is coming to an end. We would like to thank Covestro, all our sponsors and donors for their help for all the great support during the race, our race preparation and the complete development time. Without you, this exciting adventure would never have been possible. Thank you!